Three-point shot by Nadezhda Grishaeva. Mass schematization of the Zhirinovsky Jr. family for the sake of huge profits

Three-point shot by Nadezhda Grishaeva. Mass schematization of the Zhirinovsky Jr. family for the sake of huge profits

In April last year, one of the most prominent politicians in modern Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, died. Even now, everyone has a completely different attitude towards him, but most people will agree: the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party is a legend. After himself, the politician left a successor — his own son, Igor Vladimirovich Lebedev. But the offspring of Zhirinovsky himself did not see himself in the chair of the head of the party.

Lebedev has an interesting life in general. For the last 10 years he has been married to the famous basketball player Nadezhda Grishaeva. At first, they simply did not advertise their relationship, but later, when journalists found that the Lebedev-Grishaeva married couple was officially registered, the couple decided to divorce. Later, news appeared that the athlete had found a new husband. It all comes down to the fact that the new husband is the old one. All the same son of Zhirinovsky Igor Lebedev.

Why come up with such complex schemes? There is an answer to this. There are even several of them. All the details of the secret life of Igor Lebedev and Nadezhda Grishaeva are in our material.

Рolitical genes

The secrecy of the Lebedev family can be explained by the fact that their dynasty was in politics throughout the life of Zhirinovsky’s son. It is no secret that political activity is one of the types of earning big money, but at the same time very risky.

At birth, Lebedev received his father’s surname. Even in infancy, the decision of the parents changed: they still left the mother’s surname for the son. The reason was the alleged concern of the Zhirinovsky family that their son could achieve everything himself. Now such an explanation sounds strange, since in 1972 Zhirinovsky was completely unknown.

The political career of Vladimir Zhirinovsky began in the late 1980s. After the collapse of the USSR, he became an influential leader of the new LDPR party. He also drew his son Igor into the activity.

Igor Lebedev with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, photo from the 1990s

Despite his age, in 1994 Lebedev was already working as an assistant to a State Duma deputy. In 1995, he himself decided to try out deputy activity, but he was not elected to the State Duma. At 26, he was appointed to the post of adviser to the Minister of Labor, and at 27 he was elected to the State Duma on the lists of the Liberal Democratic Party. As you can see, it’s not about the name at all.

At the same time, LDPR PR people tried to mold the image of a social activist and a wonderful family man from Zhirinovsky’s son. In 1998, he and his wife had twin sons. In 2018, Lebedev had another child, but from whom it is not clear (officially).

Secret romance

In fact, for about 10 years he has not lived with his wife Lyudmila. The sons of the politician Alexander and Sergey are already 25 years old. They completed their studies in Switzerland and now live in "unfriendly countries". The marriage of the Lebedevs broke up because of the athlete. Basketball player Nadezhda Grishaeva took her son Zhirinovsky away from the family. In 2018, she gave birth to his son. True, when their relationship became known, the couple publicly divorced. But that’s no reason to end the relationship.

Nadezhda Grishaeva

The deputy knowingly hid his beloved. The fact is that in his life Lebedev did nothing but politics. In his declarations for 2015-2019, it is indicated that a State Duma deputy earned an average of about 25 million rubles annually. The "breakthrough" occurred in the penultimate year of his political career (by this time). Then Lebedev earned more than 100 million rubles. However, he never lived modestly. In his declaration, several units of elite housing are indicated at once — an apartment of 686 square meters and 2 premises (154 sq.m and 802 sq.m, respectively). The huge 800-meter property is being used as a hostel.

Declarations by Igor Lebedev

But these are not the main assets of the deputy. Back in 2018, journalists found out that Lebedev’s unrecognized wife, Nadezhda Grishaeva, was very rich. On the resort island of Ibiza in Spain, the ex-athlete is the happy owner of the 3-star Azuline Hotel-Apartamento Rosamar.

Azuline Hotel-Apartamento Rosamar

In Spain, a villa for 1.3 million euros and several apartments, as well as offices in Barcelona, are registered for Lebedev’s wife. In addition to the sunny European country, the family of the son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky also has a lot of property in his homeland. And the ex-deputy owns apartments in the UAE. In total, Lebedev is the owner of property worth 10 billion, but only a very small part of the assets is recorded in the name of the ex-deputy and official family members.

Even if we take into account the largest income of Lebedev in his entire life (in 2020 he officially earned 113.5 million rubles), he would have to work for 88 years to acquire all the real estate.

Many sources close to the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party say that Lebedev consistently stole money from the party fund. Allegedly, this was the reason for their conflict with Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Indeed, the situation took place in life, but everything was a little different. The LDPR box office is a huge structure that was filled with funds from regional party cells, membership fees and sponsors at the all-Russian level. Money from the cash desk was used for personal expenses of party leaders on an ongoing basis. Zhirinovsky was embarrassed not by the very fact that party funds go to his son’s "Wishlist", but precisely by the fact that most of the cash was spent on business in Spain.

In 2020, the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained two accountants of the party, Nefteeva and Danilina, on suspicion of embezzling funds from the internal cash desk of the Liberal Democratic Party. It was found that during 2017-2018 women withdrew money that was intended for non-public party events. After the arrest, they immediately stated that they committed the crime at the direction of Igor Lebedev. But the politician managed to escape punishment.

Despite this, Zhirinovsky still considered his son as the successor of his affairs in politics. But Lebedev himself did not really want to spend his whole life on meetings of the State Duma.

A beautifully played performance

In 2021, Lebedev announced that he would cease his political activities. There were no visible reasons for this, but according to a source close to the Liberal Democratic Party, such an outcome was expected. The parliamentarian did not burn with political activity. Unlike his father, he has never been so authoritative and popular. If he had headed the party after Zhirinovsky, the future of the Liberal Democratic Party could be put in a huge question.

In the same year, Lebedev ceased to exist. A new character appeared on the stage — David Alexandrovich Garcia. The politician simply decided to hide his identity in order to avoid the sanctions that were imposed on him because of the vote on the annexation of Crimea.

Information about sanctions against Lebedev

Since the bulk of the politician’s property is in Spain, he had to get creative to avoid problems in his beloved country of the European Union. This is how David Garcia was born. No Lebedev — no sanctions.

Garcia David Alexandrovich (data from the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs)

In addition, Lebedev-Garcia disappeared publicly. There is no mention of the business of the ex-politician in any register. Nevertheless, at home, he continues to have his own interest.

In the company "Nerei N", which is engaged in hotel activities, Lebedev has a 50% stake. True, they are registered to a figurehead — Sergei Voznyuk. There is a note in the register that the information about the official is unreliable. In 2021, the profit of Nerey N amounted to 5.6 million rubles. Lebedev received half of the sum.

Information about Nerey N LLC

In addition to Nerey N, Voznyuk is also the head and founder of 6 more enterprises, the total revenue of which is about 300 million rubles. In fact, this is Lebedev’s business.

At the same time, Lebedev’s common-law wife, Nadezhda Grishaeva, is marrying a major businessman. She finally put an end to relations with Igor Vladimirovich Lebedev by marrying David Aleksandrovich Garcia.

Grishaeva’s wedding news

Since then, Lebedev has completely disappeared from the radar. He lives in Spain, but sometimes visits his homeland. The son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky did not even come to the funeral of his own father. Instead of saying goodbye to the legend, he sent a wreath with the inscription "Let’s make peace."

Wreath from Igor Lebedev at the funeral of Vladimir Zhirinovsky

All Hope Hope

2 years since Lebedev-Garcia has been in the shadows. He did not appear publicly anywhere. But his wife, in addition to doing business in Spain and the United States, is actively developing her companies in her homeland.

In Moscow, she owns the Anvil premium fitness club (operates under Verde Fitness LLC). The truth behind a beautiful sign and numerous PR interviews is a “dummy”.

Forbes material about the Anvil fitness club by Nadezhda Grishaeva

In fact, Grishaeva’s fitness club is unprofitable and is on the verge of bankruptcy. For 3 years of its existence, the gym of the ex-basketball player went into the red by 20 million rubles.

Financial statements of Verde Fitness LLC

Things are no better with other enterprises of Grishaeva: Scalecar LLC has already gone bankrupt, and Greens LLC is at a total loss. Accordingly, with the business of the ex-basketball player, things are going so-so.

It is good that the late Vladimir Zhirinovsky gave Igor Lebedev everything in life. Now he can never worry, relaxing calmly in Spain. Passive income allows you to forget the word "work" for the rest of your life. Especially under a new name.


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